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So you're looking to get a reptile and you're a little confused or unsure on just what the care requirements are because your local pet store told you one thing, and the worker at the big chain store told you something different and your buddy that has one said something completely different. We hope to help you sort through all the faulty, outdated, or in some cases just plain dangerous information that is floating around out there. A general rule of thumb is that the best care is usually not the easiest or cheapest option. That being said we also hope to eventually provide tips and pointers on some safe and effective ways to save some cash.  

One of, if not the most reputable resources for quality care sheets on some of the most common species in herpetoculture. 

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An oldy but a goody. 10 basic rules for keeping pet reptiles. A blog post from a veterinarian who specializes in exotics. 

reptile kits, are they worth it?
Spoiler alert, they're not...

This really is one of our pet peeves. Largely due to the fact that thousands of people buy these kits thinking that since it is what the pet supply companies put together, it is the best option for providing care for their animals. In most cases, it is not. Here is a great article that breaks it down for you so that you can decide for yourself. 

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