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Available Animals

Our available animals are always changing and we often have several in quarantine that are not ready for adoption. If there is a species you are interested in, please contact us. Many of our animals have come from abusive or neglectful situations. Because we have worked hard with our foster homes to get these animals as healthy as possible, we have developed certain requirements for our adoptive homes. These requirements have been developed with the animal's health and security in mind and are species-specific. We love to teach about proper care and husbandry, so even if you have never had a reptile, we can help you find the perfect pet! If you are interested in adopting, fostering, or have any other questions please contact us at


Name: Quigonn Jinn

Species: Crested Gecko

Morph: Normal/ poss. Patternless

Sex: Unknown

Age: approx. 2-4 years

Quigonn is still young and still growing. He is an avid hunter and often waits near the food bowl for mealworms or crickets. Quigonn is very shy when it comes to being handled, so he will need someone that can be patient with that.


Name: Mad Boi

Species: Bearded Dragon

Age: 2-5 years

Morph: Normal

Gender: Male


Mad Boi is beautiful! Mad Boi also has a bit of an attitude. He is getting better with handling, but would prefer to be  a "look, but don't touch" dragon. Active and a great eater!

Name: Toblerone

Species: Ball Python 

Age: under 5

Morph: Normal

Gender: Male 

Toby is a young ball python. He is very curious about his surrounding and seems to enjoy being held. He likes to explore when he is given the opportunity to be out of his enclosure. Toblerone is a bit of a picky eater, so his forever home will need to be patient with that.  


Name: Mellon, AKA Blind Mellon 

Species: Leopard Gecko   

Age: Unknown, approximately 2-5yrs  

Morph: Albino 

Gender: Male  

***Special Needs***

Mellon is a special little dude. He is fully blind, but he doesn't let it slow him down. He maneuvers around his enclosure well. Mellon does need to be tong fed as he can't hunt without eyesight. He doesn't particularly enjoy being handled, but he will tolerate it. Mellon has been serving as an ambassador animal and has been vet cleared for adoption.


Name: Pretzel

Species: Ball Python  

Age: Unknown, approx. 3-5yrs  

Morph: Normal

Gender: Male  

***Special Needs***

If you are looking for an enthusiastic Ball Python, then Pretzel is the Ball Python for you. Pretzel is on his 2nd chance at life. He came to us after being abandoned as a baby for several months. Unfortunately this caused Pretzel to have some significant disabilities for the rest of his life. He has a kink in his neck and some neurological issues. Pretzel is a great eater and does well with handling. Pretzel has been an ambassador animal and has been vet cleared.


Name: Squirt

Species: Leopard Gecko   

Age: young

Morph: Normal/unknown 

Gender: Female  

Squirt needed a little TLC when she came to us. She is now eating great and does well with handling. She is a beautiful little gecko and would make a wonderful addition the right home.

Name: Sugar, Banana Beak

Species: Three-toed Box Turtle  

Age: Unknown (possibly 30-80)

Morph: Normal/unknown 

Gender: Female & Male 

These special little guys came to us when their previous owner could no longer care for them. He had kept them for at least 20 years, but due to his personal health decline at 90 years old, they were surrended to us. After some vet checks and quaretine to make sure they are healthy, they are now available for adoption. Because they have been together for so long, we will be adopting them out as a pair. 

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