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Available Animals

Our available animals are always changing and we often have several in quarantine that are not ready for adoption. If there is a species you are interested in, please contact us. Many of our animals have come from abusive or neglectful situations. Because we have worked hard with our foster homes to get these animals as healthy as possible, we have developed certain requirements for our adoptive homes. These requirements have been developed with the animal's health and security in mind and are species-specific. We love to teach about proper care and husbandry, so even if you have never had a reptile, we can help you find the perfect pet! If you are interested in adopting, fostering, or have any other questions please contact us at


Name: TrailMix

Species: Leopard gecko

Morph: Normal

Sex: Unknown

Age: approx. 1 year

TrailMix is a derp. He struggles to catch his crickets and can’t figure out a bowl. He also has problems with his humid-hide and often needs help getting stuck shed off his toes. TrailMix will need someone with experience or someone willing to put in the time to learn about common leopard gecko issues. He can be a rewarding little dude and his derpy-ness only adds to his charm. We will be happy to work with an interested person to teach them about the specific care he requires.


Name: Quigonn Jinn

Species: Crested Gecko

Morph: Normal/ poss. Patternless

Sex: Unknown

Age: under 1 year

Quigonn is still young and still growing. S/he is an avid hunter and often waits near the food bowl for mealworms or crickets. Quigonn is very shy when it comes to being handled, so s/he will need someone that can be patient with that.

Name: Potato & Chubs

Species: Chubby Frog

Age: approx 6 mos- 1yr

morph: normal

Gender: unknown


Potato & Chubs are undemanding little pets. They are active at night and hide in the dirt during the day. They are fairly quiet for frogs but they can be heard squeaking occasionally. Potato and Chubs will eat a variety of feeder insects and should be housed in a warm, humid environment. A large water bowl should also be provided. They will tolerate gentle handling occasionally as well.


Name: Eli

Species: Crested Gecko

Age: under 1 year

Morph: Normal

Gender: Unknown


Eli is a young crested gecko with a bit of an attitude. S/he is very shy and does not to be handled, as is fairly common with young cresties. With a bit of patience, Eli could come to enjoy being handled. S/he is a good eater and active, usually at night. Eli will make a beautiful, rewarding pet for the right person.

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